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Why Honeycomb?

Honeycomb Salon was first established in 2018. When asked, “Why the name ‘Honeycomb?” business owner, Angela, admits the name has evolved through the years, as the goals of her salon have become clearer. 

When picking out a salon name in the beginning, Angela wanted a name which would convey intention.

Intention to be sweet and kind to all clients and their hair. And intention to be a better, more aware, part of an industry responsible for their share of waste and pollution.

Also… who doesn’t love a good pun?

The Vision

The vision of her salon would come alive by learning about and supporting products with transparent ingredient lists, and whose companies were dedicated to minimizing their green footprint. 

The intention of being kind to clients and their hair was not simply using “gentle” or “green” products. Intention towards clients would be seen in conversations, sharing what she had learned about hair and hair care. It never made sense to Angela to do something just because someone told her to do it, she wanted to know why she was doing something, and decide for herself if it met her goals or needs.

In January 2022, Angela moved her salon location from West Plaza to Volker and expanded by adding another stylist into the Honey-HOME.

All these experiences realized, Honeycomb Salon had became more than a geeky hairstylist’s impulse to question authority…

Today, the name “Honeycomb” feels more like a network of smaller parts, each vital to the growth and well being of one another.

A network of women supporting women, people supporting people, artists supporting artists, friends and their friends, sharing stories, and growing together.

A hive of us who found each other by fate, or by google search all on a mission to love our planet, our community, and our hair.

Behind the Chair

Instagram: @Hairsplinters
Call/text: 913-952-5745

Angela Daniela Rogers

Owner/ Hairstylist

Angela was born in Honduras and was adopted when she was 8 months old. She has lived in Kansas City ever since. 

Friends and family would describe Angela as silly, talkative, loyal and enthusiastic. Her dogs would describe her as a messy eater, and a bad-thrower-of-tennis-balls. In her free time, she enjoys midnight dance parties with her husband and pups, painting gifts for friends, and keeping up with trashy reality shows.

Behind the chair, Angela loves to custom tailor a cut or color by understanding a persons lifestyle, and energy for their own hair. She believes by working together, clients can gain a new confidence and relationship with their hair and hair care routine.

Angela is not only proud to be a small business owner, but she often reflects on the responsibility of being a minority (POC) woman in business. Angela honors these titles by working with a single client at a time- never double booking, and by working with products whose companies are transparent in their steps to protect the planet.

If there’s one thing you should know about Angela, it’s that she will likely tell you more facts about your hair than you ever wanted to know. Angela is passionate about educating clients about hair. She believes in order to properly take care of your own hair, it begins with understanding the WHAT and WHY.

Instagram: @Hairsplinters
Call/text: 913-952-5745

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Born in Mogilev, Belarus, Tori was adopted and raised by Army parents who settled in Kansas City.

Once she realized she could create art on hair, Tori decided to make it her career and started cosmetology school right after high school graduation. Tori continues to grow and has found a passion with creative and colorful haircuts and colors and styles. She loves to give clients transformations to help them reveal their true self. Tori is a great listener and understands going to a new salon sometimes can be stressful. Tori offers quiet appointments! She doesn’t force small talk and takes what you say and always makes sure you are heard and understood.

She specializes in intuitive cuts and creative colors that reflect each client’s personality, expression, and lifestyle. Tori loves giving ideas and options for different services to make it more a customizable experience. She loves building strong connections with clients and helping them express their personalities through their appearance!

When not at Honeycomb Salon, Tori can be found thrifting at local thrift stores and dining at Korean restaurants.

Instagram: @thehairhuman
Call: 913-952-5745
Text: 816-506-6971

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Instagram: @thehairhuman
Call: 913-952-5745
Text: 816-506-6971

Instagram: @colorblock.kc

Lydia Haase


Lydia was born and raised in Kansas City, and has always had a passion for color and creation.

Though more soft-spoken, she’s found confidence from self-expression through hair and makeup, and hopes to offer that same confidence to those she interacts with.

Behind the chair, Lydia loves to create looks catered to the client and their needs. She specializes in texturizing cuts and vivid colors that remain unique to each person.

Makeup applications and lessons are also services that she offers. 

Both hair and skin can be used as canvases to create something beautiful, and she strives to make everyone feel welcomed in her chair.

When not at the salon, she enjoys cuddling with her cat and marking yet another book off her reading list. 

Instagram: @colorblock.kc

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Mascot/Sable Colored Toy Australian Shepherd

PabloKyle AKA “PK” was born June 1, 2021. At just two months old, he began his career at Honeycomb Salon and after one year he was declared the salon mascot!

Honeycomb Salon is dedicated to being a safe and welcome space. PabloKyle believes the best way to demonstrate this, is to roll over on his back the moment you make eye contact with him. Any opportunity to show off his squishy pink tummy is a step in the direction of body positivity! Friends and family would describe PK as dramatic, pudgy, lazy, and silly. In his free time you can find him eating people food or begging for attention.


Receptionist/Black-Tri Colored Toy Australian Shepherd

Worst receptionist ever.

Petey is terrible at relaying appointment requests to stylists, and he probably won’t greet you. However he might yell at you, as you try and squeeze yourself into the salon without letting him outside. You can always count on a dog for a nice dose of serotonin and snuggles… Nope, not Petey; even here his skills are limited.

Petey has a sketchy past and is just happy to be a part of the Honeycomb staff. (No background checks) Friends and family would describe Petey as neurotic, tiny, toothless, and shy. In his free time he enjoys following his mom around… and no one else.

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